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Loved it:)

Not Wonder More - Mad Maggie and the Mystery of the Ancients (Eco-Warriors, #3) - Rod Raglin

I won this book in a giveaway on booklikes.com, n here are my opinions. 


It was really quite good. Insightful and well phrased, barring a few typos. 


there were some bits of humour that caught me n held on till the end. I was moved my Maggie's situation, n sympathised with deiter often. 


The plot is unconventional n it really hooked me on, I couldn't put it down till I read it to the end. 



***** spoilers! *****



I would have liked it better if there were a few chapters between the last and the epilogue. It was a bit too abrupt for me. 


But overall, quite enjoyed it, n will probably pick up a physical copy when I can find it :)